sgfleet aspires to be regarded as a good corporate citizen with an awareness of its impact on the world we live in.  sgfleet has a desire to influence things for the better and minimise any adverse effects on the environment and social fabric flowing from its business operations.


Corporate Values 

Integrity and Honesty

The sgfleet culture is based on total openness and mutual respect in dealings with clients, employees and service providers.  With sgfleet, integrity and honesty are the cornerstones of the business.

Learning Organisation

sgfleet's employees are constantly challenged to embrace change and to develop ideas and solutions to ensure clients receive the very best solution to their needs. The sgfleet team go out of their way to recognise the unique aspects of each client's business and to mould solutions accordingly.

Sharing Success

sgfleet's employees are recognised and rewarded for achievement in a performance driven culture, with customer service always ranking as a key measurement area.  sgfleet's clients benefit through the alignment of interests this generates.


Code of Conduct

The code of conduct is a comprehensive guide for all employees, outlining the principles that form the basis of both sgfleet's internal and external business dealings, in which trust and honesty are fundamental.


Sustainability Statement

sgfleet is committed to achieve environmental and social sustainability to aid in the preservation of the Earth's natural resources.  Irrespective of regulatory requirements, sgfleet will remain committed to continually improving environmental and social sustainability performance.  sgfleet will continue to monitor emissions and benchmark the data on a year by year comparison, with the target being a 5% reduction in Co2 emissions by 2020.


Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Read and download our Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 

Intelligent Fleet Management