20 September 2012

sgfleet has created a great new SMS service which will allow sgfleet clients to be kept up-to-date with their lease. These SMS reminders will include receiving prompts on when servicing is due or if it is overdue or if a Novated Lease is about to expire.

This allows all sgfleet clients to receive the important information they need to effortlessly manage their lease. There is also the option to easily unsubscribe and to continue receiving only the informative monthly driver reports.

This service is currently only available to Australian clients and over the coming months, this service will expand to incorporate registration expiry, notification on vehicle orders and FBT shortfalls.

This new SMS service will also be available in New Zealand later in the year and will assist clients around the country to stay informed via instant lease updates.

For more information on this new SMS service, or any of sgfleet’s innovations, contact sgfleet.