Employee car benefits are a very attractive and popular employee benefit. Due to the cost of cars, providing your employees access to discounted cars will provide more savings than any other voluntary benefit.

As we are not limited to one benefit design, we are able to provide you the flexibility to choose an option that works best for your business and your employees.

Unlike other providers, we are able to provide car benefit solutions where the contract for the car is with the employer or with the employee.

Explore what our employee car benefit solutions are and find out which option best suits your business. 


  • Novalease

    The lease for the car is with the employee and not the employer, giving employees the choice of making the monthly payments through payroll or directly from their bank account. 

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  • Personal Contract Hire

    No administration burden or cost for the employer as the lease is direct with the employee, and payments are made by direct debit from their bank account. 

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  • Car Salary Exchange

    The contract for the cars will be with the employer allowing employees to make payments through their gross salary. 

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