Digital services provider Atos has introduced a car salary sacrifice scheme, provided by sgfleet, which is available to all of their circa 10,000 UK employees.

The scheme will be provided by sgfleet through their unique solution, Novalease. One of Atos’ main reasons for choosing Novalease is that it is the only solution in the market where the contract for the car will be with the employee. The structure is based on novated leasing, which eliminates risks for Atos and provides a departing employee with more options, including retaining the car at the same lease rate. As a result, there is no need to load the monthly payments to cover Atos for potential early terminations costs, resulting in a more cost effective solution for employees. This is unique to Novalease.

The scheme will be communicated to employees through a bespoke marketing campaign, devised in partnership with sgfleet. This included a successful teaser campaign in the run-up to the official launch date and a range of distinctive posters, flyers and emails. During February, there will also be a series of roadshows at 12 Atos sites around the UK. To further promote the scheme, special offers will be made available on a number of cars.

Atos comment:
Cassandra Gallott, Head of Reward and Recognition, UK&I, said: “I am delighted to partner with sgfleet to offer our employees the unique car salary sacrifice offering that is Novalease. The Atos UK&I Reward & Recognition team are continually looking to introduce new benefits that complement our existing employee arrangements and offer our employees greater benefit choices. I am delighted that sgfleet has been able to offer a scheme that can achieve both great savings for our employees as well as meet our business needs. The feedback and engagement we have received from our employees so far has been astounding, so it is wonderful to introduce a benefit that has such a positive impact.”

sgfleet comment:
Guy Roberts, Director of Novalease at , said: “We are very excited to be working with Atos and I am confident the scheme will prove to be very attractive to their employees. The teaser campaign created a large number of initial enquiries and we expect this to increase even further as we progress through the roadshows.”

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