4 March 2012

Barnardos Australia is a leading child welfare agency that is non-government and non-denominational, relying heavily on community and corporate support. The work of Barnardos Australia deals particularly with the prevention of abuse and entry into care. Children of all backgrounds and cultural heritage are helped through these welfare programs that aim to help and protect thousands of Australia’s children and young people suffering from childhood abuse, neglect, poverty and homelessness.

Financial times are increasingly tough, placing more and more families under extreme pressure, and more in need of assistance to survive. For over 120 years, Barnardos Australia has believed in children and today is focused now more than ever on the provision of their crucial child welfare services. These services embrace the quest to find real and permanent workable solutions for Australian children, severely disadvantaged and in desperate need. 

sgfleet supports Barnardos by working with Card4Kids Pty Ltd, who is committed to producing high quality printed greeting cards, calendars and invitations exclusively to raise critical funds for the children’s charity, Barnardos Australia.