4 March 2012

Jeans for Genes Day is the major national fundraiser for the Children’s Medical Research Institute which is an independent organisation committed to unlocking the mysteries of childhood diseases. This day is held annually and has so far contributed to over $50 million being donated to this great cause.

sgfleet participates in a matched giving program, where they provide dollar matching for employees’ cash donations. This program has enhanced morale by rewarding employees for their generosity and also creates flexibility as staff choose which charities are to be supported. Getting involved in the community has become a part of the culture at sgfleet with employees participating in Jeans for Genes Day every year by donating money to wear jeans to work, with sgfleet then matching this amount.

Many individuals, businesses, schools and community groups donate and raise funds for Jeans for Genes throughout August and September. sgfleet doesn’t only raise funds for Jeans for Genes in August when their annual fund raising day is held, but also assists throughout the year with other fund raising activities including being major sponsors for the Jeans for Genes golf day.

The Children’s Medical Research Institute relies on donations to assist in scientific research into the investigation of conditions such as epilepsy, cancer and birth defects.  The philosophy of the Children’s Medical Research Institute is that major advances in prevention and treatment come from research. This work is made possible by community supporters and Jeans for Genes. For further information visit www.cmri.com.au


Supporting Chilren's Medical Research Institute Vince Sorrento at the Jeans for Genes Golf Day Puttng competition for charity