4 March 2012

For many years, sgfleet has been sponsoring children via the World Vision program.

In addition to providing much needed financial assistance, sgfleet also takes a more active role than merely providing funds. Each of the 15 children that are sponsored in the program receives regular communication from staff. Teams at sgfleet have each taken over the communicating with a child from the World Vision program and send letters, cards and Christmas and birthday gifts.

This program has boosted morale and encouraged team building by allowing staff to take time out of their workday to contribute to the global community. sgfleet was impressed with the response from staff who willingly put up their hands to be a part of this great program and have played such an active role in assisting communities abroad that are seriously in need of support.

The children that sgfleet supports as part of the World Vision program come from all over the world including Africa, Sri Lanka and Guatemala. World Vision is Australia’s largest charitable group and is a widely known not-for-profit organisation that has carried out development work to address the causes and consequences of global poverty for over 60 years. They help to create sustainable farming practices and educate communities about nutrition issues and assist people and villages to generate and sustain incomes which are essential to poverty alleviation.

The child sponsorship efforts of sgfleet through the World Vision program change the lives of children, their families and their entire communities.

For more information on World Vision, contact www.worldvision.com.au/