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Novated Lease Comparison – compare a novated lease to a new car

Here are a few examples to help you understand how a novated lease lets you save. We compare annual costs of a novated lease to paying for the same car with 100% after-tax salary.

See the reduction in taxable income and tax payable, plus the mix of pre-tax and post-tax contributions that eliminate any FBT liability. Same car, same price, big savings with SG Fleet’s novated options.

NOTE: ECM (mix of pre and post-tax) benefits all except +$180k salaries. Examples do not factor in other pre-tax impacts (e.g. childcare payments, benefits, etc.)


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Budgeting superstar

You appreciate the certainty of a budget. You probably have multiple bank accounts dedicated to different expenses or use an app to track your spending. You seek to avoid budget surprises.

How we help: With a novated lease, your motoring expenses are smoothed into one set regular payment deducted from your salary, so you’ll only have one predictable amount to budget for.

Watch our short ‘budgeting made easy’ video to find out more.



Adam is a 26-year-old painter, employed by a building company, earning $70,000 a year. He has a Ford Ranger Ute as it is handy in his job. He is leasing for three years, at 20,000km/yr. He is $8,179.00 per annum better off novated leasing.

Novated benefit

Annual salary$70,000$70,000
Pre-tax vehicle cost-$17,890$0.00
Taxable income$52,110$70,000
Tax payable-$7,147-$13,537
Post-tax vehicle cost$0.00-$30,200
Post-tax employee contribution-$10,521$0.00
Annual disposable income$34,443$26,263

Novated advantage





Lisa is a 44-year-old Systems Architect with an IT company, earning $100,000 a year. She has a Mazda CX5 for her mix of work and teenage kid duties. She is leasing for three years, at 15,000km/yr. She is $3,688 per annum better off novated leasing.


Novated benefit

Annual salary$100,000$100,000
Pre-tax vehicle cost-$7,764$0.00
Taxable income$92,236$100,000
Tax payable-$21,275-$24,187
Post-tax vehicle cost$0.00-$15,224
Post-tax employee contribution-$6,684$0.00
Annual disposable income$64,277$60,589

Novated advantage






Mark is a 32-year-old Accountant, employed by a finance company and earning $130,000 a year. He has a Hyundai i30 which suits his low mileage and inner-city driving needs. He is leasing for two years, at 10,000km/yr. He is $3,379 per annum better off novated leasing. 


Novated benefit

Annual salary$130,000$130,000
Pre-tax vehicle cost-$6,728$0.00
Taxable income$123,272$130,000
Tax payable-$33,061-$35,767
Post-tax vehicle cost$0.00-$12,429
Post-tax employee contribution-$5,028$0.00
Annual disposable income$85,182$81,804

Novated advantage