19 August 2013

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10,000 KM
12 months
Approximate weekly cost

The approximate weekly cost is the reduction in your take home pay to lease the vehicle type indicated. Inclusions in the approximate weekly cost are:

  • Fuel and maintenance, 'up to' your nominated kilometre limit
  • One set of replacement tyres are included for every 40,000 klms
  • Comprehensive insurance, registration and CTP (where applicable)
  • Lease rental and FBT component (FBT is calculated utilising the Employee Contribution Method and utilises a sliding scale for the statutory fraction applied)
Savings over a year

Annual savings have been calculated by comparing the total cost to run the selected vehicle from after tax pay compared to a salary packaging arrangement.

Components that contribute to the overall saving include:

  • Fleet discount on the purchase of the vehicle
  • Income tax savings
  • Vehicle is financed net of GST
  • Most running costs are net of GST
  • Fuel is paid from pre tax dollars, significantly reducing the cost per litre
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Leasing information

Small Vehicle
Approximate on-road cost $20,000
Annual salary $35,000
Annual KMs 10,000 KM
Lease Term 12 months
Approximate weekly cost -
Savings over 1 year term -
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