6 September 2020

Following the ease of lockdown and dealerships re-opening we realised there was a need for a product to help sales operatives monitor their vehicles during unsupervised test drives. As such, we launched Motraklite, a new product designed to do just that.

As part of the ‘new normal’, dealership staff are not supposed to accompany potential buyers on test drives. This measure was put in place to protect both customers and staff from being enclosed in a small space. However, it also meant that dealerships faced a potential security risk. They were, in essence, allowing their cars to be driven off by strangers.

This is where Motraklite can help.

What is Motraklite?

Motraklite is a tracking solution developed from our telemetry product, Motrak. It is a small portable tracking device that can be fixed inside a vehicle, whether the glove box or the boot, with Velcro. Once attached, it can be used to provide tracking information, as well as monitoring any driving offences and driver behaviour.

What are the key features of Motraklite?

As a product developed especially for vehicle dealerships, we have ensured that it is easy to use and provides comprehensive solutions. Here are the key features Motraklite offers.

Vehicle tracking

Motraklite gives dealerships the visibility and location of all vehicles that are out on a test drive. This way, they can monitor vehicles even if they aren't physically in them.

Since one of the biggest concerns a dealership might have during an unmonitored test drive is the fact that they are relying on the driver to bring the vehicle back, this can help alleviate most security concerns.

In case someone does drive off with the vehicle, real-time tracking provided by Motraklite allows them to geo-locate it for easy recovery.

sgfleet launches motraklite - easy vehicle tracking tool

Monitors driver behaviour

In addition to providing dealerships with the location of the vehicle, Motraklite also monitors driver behaviour. It gives them an account of erratic or dangerous driving and can be used for verification of driving offences as well.

As a result, they can have a record of driver behaviour in case the vehicle is involved in an accident or caught breaking traffic laws.

Fully portable

Vehicle dealerships have a high vehicle turnover and can't install a permanent tracking device on all their cars. This is why we have created a fully-portable solution that is small and compact, allowing for ease of use. It can be installed inside any vehicle with Velcro, fitting even in the glove box. That makes it extremely easy to put in and take out, as needed.

Easily rechargeable

The device can be charged using either a USB cable or an AUX socket and can be charged inside the vehicle. Once fully powered, the battery lasts 24 hours, making Motraklite an easy-to-maintain solution for dealership vehicle tracking.

As you can see, Motraklite helps provide vehicle dealerships complete peace of mind about the security of their vehicles even they are out on unsupervised test drives. This way, they can enforce social distancing rules without having to worry about vehicle safety.

Further reading

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If you would like to learn more about Motraklite, please email uk.enquiries@sgfleet.com or call us on 0344 85 45 100.

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