How Better FleetInsights Can Help Your Approach to Risk Management

31 Aug 2023

Too much data and too little time? It’s a common problem expressed by many fleet managers, who these days have a vast amount of fleet data available to them - from a multitude of sources - but often don’t have the necessary time, resources or expertise to effectively manage or get the most from it.

Analyst uses laptop to monitor fleet data

This can often be a result of outdated data processing systems based on paper files and documents stored on local devices. Accessing this information for different teams at different locations can therefore be challenging, as requests must be made and accepted for the various disparate data sets. It also often leads to an overreliance on spreadsheet-based processing, which is inefficient and prone to mistakes.

A study published in Fleet World found that many fleet managers are left defeated by an overwhelming data processing burden. 79% of fleet managers have more than five different spreadsheets to keep track of essential data, such as cost, maintenance and mileage, while one in four fleet managers spend half their day working on spreadsheets.

46% of managers agreed that their current spreadsheet setup is too time-consuming, while 37% said it leaves room for mistakes, and over half (63%) admitted to having missed deadlines due to it. Many fleet managers are aware of the positive impact that advanced data-gathering and processing techniques could have. Fleet News reported a recent study showing that 75% of key decision makers understand that ‘data plays an important role in underpinning business decision making’. So, how can we help?

At SG Fleet, we understand how overburdening manual data processing can be, which is why we developed FleetInsights. Our aim is to give fleet managers a single, easy-access touchpoint for all their data analysis needs.

SG Fleet Insight App in action

Embrace the Potential of Efficient Data Management with FleetInsights

Step into the future with SG Fleet's FleetInsights. Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets and missed deadlines. Embrace a single, efficient touchpoint for all your data analysis needs. Don't just manage data, master it. Start making smarter, faster business decisions today. Transform your approach to data with FleetInsights. Click here to learn more about how we can streamline your data management, or get in touch for details.


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