SG Fleet and Zoomo Partner for E-Bike Salary Sacrifice

25 Aug 2022

Here at SG Fleet, we’re always looking for ways to aid fleets in moving to a greener future and add more options to keep your people mobile.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce that we’ve recently teamed up with Zoomo to offer e-bike salary sacrifice for last-mile/short-distance delivery.

About Zoomo

Zoomo is the world leader for light electric vehicles (LEVs), and they have a mission to transition every urban mile to transport powered by renewable sources. That means they share our vision of providing efficient and sustainable vehicles to help individuals and businesses reduce the impact of their emissions on the environment.

Indeed, we believe their e-bike range has the potential to help fleet businesses enormously as we approach 2025 and 2030 EU targets for lowering fleet CO2 emissions. That’s just one of the reasons why we’ve joined them after their recent USD $20 million Series B funding round as their newest strategic investor.

About Zoomo e-bike leases

A specialist in e-bike lease agreements, Zoomo currently offers two market-leading ways of getting around in urban and off-road environments; all for a very affordable monthly payment.

E-bike salary sacrifice

The Zoomo Zero (pictured above) is what the company calls ‘the most advanced bike on the road.’ It has a front wheel motor that’s capable of propelling the bike up to 15mph, an electronic lock to keep the bike safe from thieves, hydraulic brakes, and a battery life of up to eight hours, with a four-hour charge time. With its solid front forks, it’s an ideal road bike and makes zipping around a city a breeze.

The Zoomo Sport, meanwhile, has been designed for comfort, durability and style.  It boasts a 250w rear wheel motor that gets the same 15mph speed as the Zero’s front motor, but has front suspension that makes it amazing for forest paths and dirt trails. It also includes a motor lock, plus a similar battery life and charge time to the Zero, making the Zoomo Sport a more versatile low-emission run-around that’s suited to all kinds of terrain.

What our partnership with Zoomo could mean for your fleet

More ways to get and stay mobile

In a climate that’s proving decidedly challenging for vehicle availability, the first big benefit of this new partnership is that SG Fleet customers, old and new alike, will have access to Zoomo’s fleet of e-bikes. If you’re seeking a greener and more commercially viable way to make last-mile deliveries, particularly in built-up urban areas, this could be the perfect option.

Salary sacrifice e-bikes

Our partnership with Zoomo will also allow us to offer businesses of all sizes the chance for their employees to take advantage of e-bike salary sacrifice or e-bike leases through Novalease - a program we’ve previously only offered for car leasing. Both arrangements take the lease payments from the employee’s salaries before tax is taken, meaning your people can enjoy tax and National Insurance savings on the lease cost of the bike.

The future is greener


SG Fleet and Zoomo partnering for e-bike salary sacrifice and last-mile fleet delivery means that the UK vehicle leasing market just got greener – and we’re just getting started.

salary sacrifice e-bike

“This is an important investment for SG Fleet” said the company’s global CEO Robbie Blau. “We're excited to work collaboratively with Zoomo in this arena that will allow us to deliver light electric vehicles as a viable, sustainable mobility alternative to enhance our customers' fleets.”

“We’re also proud to partner with SG Fleet to help consumers and enterprises reduce the environmental impact of their transport,” said Zoomo Co-Founder and CEO Mina Nada.

“Light electric vehicles are the heart of our business and offer transformative growth. Our expertise in this space builds a strong platform for SG Fleet’s customer offering. We see immense potential in offering SG Fleet’s customers access to cleaner, more commercially viable solutions for last-mile delivery."

Want to find out more about Zoomo e-bike lease options?

We know it doesn’t always make sense to send a 1.5t vehicle on a shorter cross-city journey – which makes Zoomo e-bikes the perfect option if you’re looking to reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint.

Additionally, e-bike salary sacrifice and novated leasing options allow your people to directly pay for e-bike hire from their own gross salaries, allowing you to lower your business’ scope through carbon emissions.

Whichever options appeals most, our partnership with Zoomo just gave your fleet even more ways to go green – which is great news for your business, your people, and the planet at large.

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