We offer the Bookingintelligence resource management application, which allows businesses to manage pooled resources.

What can Bookingintelligence be used for?

Originally designed with vehicles and mobility as the main focus, Bookingintelligence has the capability of managing complex and logistically challenging resources. This system can manage resources such as:

  • Vehicles  
  • Fuel Cards
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Parking Spaces
  • Toll Tags
  • Satellite Navigation Devices

As Bookingintelligence is a SG Fleet-designed and owned system, we are able to add in resources specific to your business, if required. 

Bookingintelligence can be accessed from any device with internet access and a web browser, such as iPhone, iPad, Android device or Windows mobile.

Bookingintelligence provides complete flexibility and is essential for any organisation needing to manage pools of resources.

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