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Our eStart Zero Emission Vehicle Transition Plan is an end-to-end planning solution that helps businesses plan and manage their budgets and vehicle requirements when they switch to zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) fleets.

We are committed to the environment and can help companies to transition to a greener fleet. However, this change is not always straightforward.

That is where our eStart plan helps.

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The eStart solution is designed to assess a company’s goals, conduct a vehicle review, inspect the site, and determine the infrastructure upgrades and installation of charging points so that our customers know exactly how to transition to a ZEV fleet cost-effectively.

To develop this solution, we have worked with industry bodies, suppliers, and manufacturers to understand what is required to help customers prepare to add ZEVs or hybrids to their current fleets.

As a result, we can help you reduce operating costs, lower CO2 emissions, and meet other environmental goals whilst also getting the most out of your fleet.

eStart is an end-to-end planning solution, and each step in our planning process builds on the preceding one. The assessment moves logically and in a structured manner. We look at options and considerations at every stage to ensure a fleet that aligns with your purpose.

Customer goals

The planning process starts with your goals, which could be reducing CO2 emissions, reduction in fuel & maintenance costs, reputational or green credentials, or simply to prepare for a low-emission future.

Current fleet assessment

We then assess the current fleet against your goals and study the vehicle usage pattern for the locations they travel to, frequency of travel and the distances they cover. In this assessment, we identify the vehicle types that are not suitable for ZEVs as well as your future fleet makeup.

Site assessment

Following this, we make a site selection based on the location of the vehicles, where they have to travel to, where and when you will be charging them.

We also study the existing site capability, including the existing charging infrastructure, proposed charging locations on the site, and what the building situation is (whether it is own or rented, duration of rent, etc.)

Transition plan

Using the information gathered, we devise a transition plan, taking into account the existing fleet’s lease end dates, and when the ZEVs are available. We also determine which sites will need to be enabled first and if you need to extend other leases.

Funding support

Finally, we plan out the funding and any funding support, if needed.

While companies want to transition to a greener fleet, it is not merely a matter of replacing the vehicles. With this solution, you can see in advance:

  • The costs involved in transitioning, so you aren’t surprised by hidden costs later
  • The types of vehicles you need, including ones that cannot be replaced with ZEVs, thereby saving you unnecessary expenses involved in replacing the wrong vehicles
  • The infrastructure needs, so your site is thoroughly assessed to see what the best plan of action is for charging and parking ZEVs, as well as the costs involved in the charging-point installation and where best to install them
  • A smooth transition plan, designed especially for the customer, so their operations are not disrupted when they do switch to greener vehicles
  • While the transition to green fleets may not be completely smooth or immediate, with eStart, companies can take the risk and unexpected costs out of the equation. As a result, their transition to a zero-emission fleet is made much more manageable, cost-effective, and logical.

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