Fleet management and leasing

We offer a tailored fleet management and leasing solution to suit a variety of market segments. Depending on your business requirements, our team will ensure you meet your fleet objectives.

As part of our whole-of-life service, we offer operational management, ranging from fuel and infringement management to vehicle acquisition and disposal. Our services will allow you to focus on how to build your business rather than being tied up in the operational elements of running a fleet.

Contract hire is our most popular method of funding as it allows you to free up your business' balance sheet. It also protects your business from exposure to the market value of the vehicle at the end of the lease.

Under contract hire, you make monthly payments during the term. These cover the rental costs of the vehicle, servicing, maintenance, road fund licence and other services.

At the end of the term, when you return the vehicle to us, we follow the British Rental and Leasing Association Fair Wear and Tear guidelines to establish the condition of the returned vehicle. This process is fair, transparent and minimises any vehicle return costs.

Financing vehicles under contract hire also delivers operational benefits. It facilitates outsourcing the management and running of the fleet.

Our national network of maintenance suppliers delivers the highest standards of servicing and repairs. Whilst you can manage fleet maintenance in a variety of ways, we offer two core maintenance solutions providing flexibility to businesses.

Fully maintained

Fully maintained is the most popular maintenance program Vehicle care is included in the lease rental, and we carry the risk of all repairs, including the costly, unexpected ones.

This is an excellent solution if you wish to eliminate the risks associated with repairs and maintenance of a fleet.

Do-and-charge maintenance

Maintenance expenses are authorised and controlled by our maintenance expertise under this plan. As costs are incurred, we will pay the repairer and recharge them back to you. All charges, irrespective of size, will appear on a consolidated monthly invoice.

Depending on a fleet's specific needs, you may require other maintenance plans.  

Our consultants can provide you with a tailored proposal after discussing your fleet needs.

Fleet acquisition

We have a strong relationship with vehicle suppliers and manufacturers. That gives us buying power, allowing us to pass on vehicle savings to our customers.  Our network of key dealers commits to high-quality service standards and competitive pricing. We continually monitor each dealer and review their performance against a range of key performance indicators.

The number of key dealers appointed is small enough to concentrate buying power but large enough to support national operations.

As part of the acquisition process, we utilise the proprietary AVA system to source vehicles.  AVA is a web-based tendering system, with dealers competing for the orders on offer to ensure competitive pricing at all times.

Currently, we purchase thousands of vehicles per month, which ensures industry best prices. We will supply vehicles according to your business’ specifications.

We can bring in third-party suppliers if vehicles require accessories outside of the standard vehicle policy. That includes the installation of job-specific fit-outs and other accessories unique to each operating environment. We will liaise with both drivers and employees prior to order and, if required, can provide a tax invoice directly to the individual employee.

We proactively monitor and confirm new vehicle delivery dates with the dealership as orders progress towards the required delivery date. You can view the delivery status of vehicles through the Fleetintelligence online system. The dashboard will display all vehicles on order and list any changes that may have occurred.

Vehicle disposal

Disposing of vehicles is an essential part of the vehicle lifecycle and the price received will vary depending on which disposal method you use.

Disposal is a critical process to reduce the whole-of-life cost of each vehicle in any fleet. We use the most effective disposal method, based on the type of car and its location. This ensures that you receive the maximum return on assets.

To achieve the highest possible value at the time of sale, we are flexible about the method and places of disposal. Our volume and national coverage provide data on the best-performing methods of vehicle disposals. These are then measured against other sourced data to check current sales process performance against industry benchmarks.

Strategies adopted to maximise the sales prices include:

  • Transferring vehicles to areas where we can achieve higher results for that type of vehicle
  • Cleaning and vehicle preparation
  • Possible rectification of damage if judged to achieve a premium over associated costs
  • Leveraging new vehicle orders against in-house tender processes
  • Utilising the services of auction houses

We can arrange collection/transport of returned vehicles, and if you are replacing one vehicle with another SG Fleet vehicle, the transport costs are often absorbed. Once vehicles are returned to our disposal locations, they are inspected under the guidelines in the Fair Wear and Tear Guide to determine their condition.

The vehicles are then assessed and we carry out any necessary restorations, following which the vehicle is processed through to sale. This is done by utilising a combination of our disposal facilities, MotivaDirect, the dealer network and auction houses, to obtain the optimum sale price.

Vehicle management allows businesses to provide their drivers with the tools and resources needed for a stress-free lease. As our customer, you can choose what services to include as part of your lease lifecycle.


Fuel can make up 30% of fleet running costs, and managing it is integral in operating a successful fleet. Odometer readings allow businesses to track and report on the vehicle mileage.

Fuel cards offer a level of security and control with features such as:

  • Electronic restriction on specific product purchases
  • Monthly and daily purchase limits

Fleetintelligence provides access to fuel reporting in one consolidated location, allowing businesses to create consistent reports and analyses, including:

  • Usage reports
  • Fuel transactions
  • Excessive fuel consumption
  • Excessive fuel overfills
  • Fuel analysis
  • Electronic invoices

Roadside assistance

This service ensures that drivers won't be left stranded and offers them immediate assistance in case the unexpected happens. Assistance ranges from simple jump-starts to minor mechanical repairs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The service offers comprehensive benefits and has been tailored to the needs of drivers, saving them time and money as well as creating peace of mind motoring.

Administrative tasks can take up time; we provide an outsourced option to give businesses back precious time that can be spent on bigger tasks.

Road Fund Licence management

We can arrange the Road Fund Licence for new and existing vehicles, reducing business administration tasks and increasing efficiency. This amount will be included as part of the vehicle invoice, keeping all costs recorded in the one system. We will also obtain a MOT, where applicable.

Duty of care

We provide a range of products to assist with an employer’s Duty of Care relating to motor vehicles.

The duty of care offering will be tailored to suit the exact needs of each organisation and will typically include:

  • Driver's licence checking service to ensure drivers hold the appropriate licence for the vehicle they are operating
  • Driver training provided through a range of methods, including online training, group workshops and in-vehicle training
  • Accident management to assist in the day-to-day management of motor vehicle accidents, and to implement strategies to reduce them from occurring
  • Fines management service, including reporting on repeat offenders

Traffic infringements

We make this process as easy and effortless as possible. Should we receive a traffic infringement for a vehicle in any fleet, the driver of the vehicle is identified, and the infringement is forwarded to the business so the fine can be sent to the nominated driver.

All of our trackable services can be reported on in Fleetintelligence, giving you a total view of your fleet performance. This can help when making decisions about the future of the fleet and what changes can benefit your business the most.

Business private mileage solution

Managing the driver's business mileage re-imbursements or private use charges is a tedious process and very open to abuse. HMRC have begun to scrutinise mileage claims, so fleet managers need to be aware of compliance requirements and potential penalties for not having adequate controls in place.

Our telematics solution, Motrak, uses a global positioning unit in each car. You will receive detailed information about all business trips including the start position, destination, times and distance travelled. You will also receive the total private mileage. This means that you will know where and when the vehicles are being used.

This solution eliminates arduous administration tasks such as collecting driver's mileage returns each month. The system is not open to abuse and provides certainty that business trips and distances are legitimate. 

This solution is a must for all fleet managers and is compliant with the BVRLA's privacy guidelines for the use of telematics.

Our fleet management and leasing team is available to discuss your fleet requirements and provide you with a tailored proposal that addresses your fleet and business needs. Talk to one of our consultants today.

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