11 November 2020

If you've found yourself on this page, then you must be looking for a better fleet management solution.

Luckily, with sgfleet, we have a different approach.


Fleet analysis

Once you've registered for a free fleet analysis, our team will conduct a desktop review of your fleet to identify sustainable savings and improvements for your business. The areas we look into are:

  • Current fleet status
  • Potential opportunities
  • Risk management recommendations
  • Vehicle asset operational reviews
  • Fleet safety management
  • Cost analysis 
Plus, once you've registered you will be entered into a prize draw to win an Apple Watch, so what have you got to lose?

Please email CSalmon@sgfleet.com to kick start your journey to a better, more cost-effective fleet.

Guaranteed savings

Following on from the cost analysis, if we find any potential savings, we will contractually guarantee them. If, after the defined period, the savings have not been achieved, we will pay an invoice for the difference directly to you. This means there really is no risk to your business.

Employee Car Benefit Solutions

As well as Fleet Mangement, we also offer a number of Employee Car Benefit Solutions.

Due to not being limited to one offering, we are able to provide you the flexibility to choose an option that works best for your business and your employees.

Contact us today on 0344 854 5161 or via this form to find out which of our solutions is right for you.


Speak to the experts

We know that a lot of fleet companies 'claim' to be experts in their field, but we have the credentials to back it up.

Anthony Marcou, the 2019 Commercial Fleet manager of the year, provides our customers with a wealth of experience and knowledge of the industry. Should you have any questions about how best to manage your fleet operations, please get in touch with Anthony direct AMarcou@sgfleet.com.