Supporting foodbanks this festive season

13 Dec 2020
It goes without saying that this year, we wanted to support something related to the pandemic that has shaken our world.

While UK cases of COVID-19 remain high, the numbers in Australia and New Zealand have been low. However, the impact on the economy globally has meant that many have been left unemployed. For the first time, some have found themselves needing support from various foodbanks and similar charities to feed their families. For this reason, at SG Fleet, we’ve chosen to support these organisations across all locations. 

In Australia, we are regular supporters of Foodbank and annually do a staff food drive in the winter months. This was not possible this year, with so few staff in the office. In lieu of this, to help families in need over the festive season, we have given cash donations to each individual Foodbank organisation nationally: NSW & ACT, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, NT and TAS.

In New Zealand, staff in Auckland and Wellington were keen to support foodbanks local to their offices, so we have donated to the Auckland and Wellington City Missions respectively.

Our UK offices are long-time supporters of two local organisations. 
The Hobs Moat Community Café, also known as the Solihull Community Café, works with the local community to combat food poverty by intercepting waste from local eateries and supermarkets, as well as by providing food and meal parcels to vulnerable and underprivileged families on the outskirts of Birmingham. They assisted with food donations that helped in feeding 126 children over the October half term and have now followed with a cash donation to help further their efforts.

We also regularly support The Alice Charity in the UK, helping them in their mission to protect vulnerable children around Newcastle-Under-Lyme. (They even gave us their Ta Duck award to say thanks!) This extra cash donation for the holiday season was well received. 

We are pleased to be able to support those in need over this festive season. 

Wishing our customers, suppliers and business partners a safe and happy holiday period.