Novalease is an innovative solution for employers looking to provide a car employee benefit to their staff.

Novalease's unique feature is that the car lease is with the employee and not the employer, giving employees the choice of making the monthly payments through payroll or directly from their bank account.

This concept has been a key differentiator for the Novalease scheme since its launch in the UK in 2012 and now has numerous schemes in place throughout the country. 

Key Features for Employers

  • The lease is with the employee
  • No employer risk or liability
  • Lease remains off-balance sheet under new lease accounting standards
  • Employee has choice of payment via payroll or direct debit from their bank account
  • No employer administration for damage, fines or excess mileage – no recharges to the employer
  • FCA-regulated, providing full consumer rights for your employees, but no need for a consumer credit licence
  • HMRC compliant
  • Fully outsourced scheme administration
  • No costs at setup or ongoing

Key Features for Employees

  • Fuel & Go - Fixed payment includes all costs related to running a vehicle with exception of fuel
  • Access to corporate discounts and corporate finance rates
  • Choice of payment via payroll or direct debit from their bank account
  • Will be subject to credit check to ensure affordability
  • Full consumer rights and protection
  • Fully portable – can take the car to new employer or deal with us direct at same rates
  • Access to all makes and models

Web Portal Access

Novalease is supported by a comprehensive quotation and vehicle ordering portal, allowing employees to access special offers, compare vehicles and place orders.

Contact us on 0344 854 5161 or fill out the form below and find out what employee benefit best suits your business.

Your employees will have access to special offers providing them with further savings on selected cars.

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