How Sustainability Data Can Save You Money

23 Jun 2023

Companies that use sustainability data for their fleets are seeing great results in terms of improved efficiency and cost savings. In this article, we'll cover what exactly sustainability data is before taking a look at how using it correctly can help reduce risks and increase efficiency, ultimately improving your bottom line.

What Is Sustainability Data?

In today's world, industries are under pressure to adopt and promote sustainable practices, with customers more likely to engage with businesses that display sustainable practices.

It's no different for fleet management, where accessing and monitoring your sustainability data can be crucial. Sustainability data can help businesses identify opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve fuel efficiency and lower overall operating costs.

One of the critical ways that sustainability data can help save businesses money is by tracking metrics such as fuel consumption, engine idling, and maintenance schedules. This allows companies to make more informed decisions about optimising and managing their fleets. This translates into significant cost savings, making sustainability data a valuable tool for businesses looking to become more environmentally responsible and efficient.

Increased Efficiency with Sustainability Data

Analysing this data in the right way provides a clear picture of a company's environmental impact and allows them to identify inefficiencies, wasted resources, and potential risks that can be eliminated through targeted sustainability efforts. Sustainability data provides a roadmap for businesses looking to improve their environmental performance while boosting their profitability and long-term success.

Avoiding Maintenance Downtime

Another way that sustainability data can save you money is by reducing productivity loss as a result of maintenance concerns. Fully understanding sustainability and fleet data allows you to eliminate previously unavoidable maintenance issues and downtime, as managers can monitor the needs of their fleets and plan accordingly.

A person in overalls using sustainability data

Not only does this minimise the financial impact of breakdowns caused by routine maintenance problems, but it also gives fleet managers a holistic view of problems, helping to spot patterns and allowing for greater optimisation.

Avoiding Costly Replacement Practises

On a similar note, sustainability data can save you money by presenting you with the information to build a long-term strategy for your fleet management. For instance, there is an increasing incentive for fleet managers to move towards electric vehicle (EV)fleets, which can present a significant up-front cost.

A row of electric vans charging

However, by utilising sustainability data, businesses can make this a gradual process. The data allows managers to assess which vehicles operate at the lowest efficiency and gradually phase them out in favour of EVs or even more cost-effective internal combustion vehicles. This reduces the chances of businesses overinvesting in obsolete or soon-to-be outdated vehicles, making a move to more efficient and sustainable practices easier and cheaper.

Effective Fleet Management with SG Fleet

At SG Fleet, we've got extensive experience in fleet management and optimisation. Our Fleetintelligence reporting and management system delivers a wide range of pertinent information. From fuel and maintenance analysis to exception reports and holistic service scheduling, we can provide the data you need through Excel, a printed copy or on our easy-to-use graphical interface from your desktop. Similarly, our eStart product helps businesses transition to EVs with ease. The end-to-end planning solution helps organisations plan and manage their budgets and vehicle requirements during the shift to zero-emission vehicles.

To find out more about how we can support you, get in touch with our team.

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