19 February 2012

At sgfleet, international experience is applied with local knowledge to provide world class fleet solutions. With 25 years of experience in managing complex vehicle fleets, sgfleet is strongly positioned to compete in the global fleet management industry.

sgfleet employs in excess of 400 committed and trained professionals and has established a unique operating model which fully harnesses the intellectual property gained from international experience. The core elements of IT, risk management, marketing and product development are delivered via a single operating platform. This ''transportable business system” is applied to specific local requirements, enabling sgfleet to operate in multiple jurisdictions.  International operations will continue to expand. Clients benefit from the synergies achieved through a central infrastructure supported by personal local relationships.

sgfleet's clients benefit from its international knowledge and experience, combined with its operating model. sgfleet provides outstanding fleet management and leasing/contract hire solutions across chosen markets. The global head office is located in Sydney, Australia. 


sgfleet’s Australian operation is in the enviable position of delivering a full suite of solutions for passenger vehicles, light commercial and heavy commercial assets, including:

  • Operating and finance leases  
  • Novated Leasing and Salary Packaging solutions  
  • Fleet Management services  
  • Heavy commercial solutions 

sgfleet has been providing Fleet Management and leasing solutions in Australia for over 25 years. This experience and a passion for innovation has enabled sgfleet Australia to become one of the country's leading specialist Fleet Management, leasing and Salary Packaging providers to both government and corporate sectors. 

New Zealand

Established in 2007, sgfleet New Zealand delivers a full suite of sustainable outsourced fleet solutions. Both the Government and corporate sectors benefit from sgfleet's specialist expertise and strong local knowledge backed by over 25 years of international experience,

In a short period of time, the New Zealand operation has achieved a reputation for innovative and flexible solutions. 

United Kingdom

sgfleet United Kingdom delivers Contract Hire and Fleet Management solutions to both small and large enterprises as well as the public sector. A dedicated approach to developing sustainable client relationships ensures sgfleet United Kingdom adapts its solutions to each individual organisations unique requirements. 

Innovative new services including unique Salary Packaging and mileage management solutions provide sgfleet with a clear competitive edge in today’s market.