How to attract new staff and keep your team moving.


Attracting and keeping good staff is an essential aim for any successful business.

Offering SG Fleet novated leases is the perfect way to help your staff save on their next car, enjoy the perks of professional vehicle management, and feel great about coming to work each day.

And we can help them save even more when they choose one of the growing number of electric vehicles that are eligible for FBT exemptions under the Electric Car Discount Bill.

To make things easy, you can count on us to do all the hard work so you and your HR teams don't have to worry.

At SG Fleet we work hard to get the best new car pricing, control running costs, maximise tax and GST savings, and make managing a car easy.

We can even help your people get a great sale price at the end of their lease.

We disclose cost elements of every lease, and we provide ongoing reporting for your staff. We also provide support for your payroll to make deductions seamless for all.

We’ll even provide you with an extensive toolkit to help explain and promote your staff benefits program.


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Motor vehicle

A novated car lease can provide you with attractive income tax and GST savings.

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You could package additional contributions and plan for retirement.

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Car parking

Does your employer provide your car park? You could save on the costs through salary packaging.

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Work-related education

You could salary package the costs associated with your work-related education and save.

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Laptops and tablets

If used primarily for work purposes, you may qualify to package your device and save.

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Airline lounge

Save on your membership fee and enjoy the airport lounge before your next flight.

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Salary packaging