Be prepared for fleet safety changes

15 Aug 2018
An excerpt from the ‘Advances in fleet management’ feature in the Australian Financial Review:

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator recognised the need for an amendment of Australia’s Heavy Vehicle National Laws (HVNL). As a result, changes that will significantly affect the industry are expected to take effect on October 1, 2018.

Among the most significant changes is that for the first time, the ‘‘Chain of Responsibility’’ will now extend to vehicle standards and maintenance. This means that anyone in the heavy vehicle road transport supply chain will be responsible for any instance of non-compliance.

‘‘These are drastic changes, but they’re a positive step forward. Anything that improves road safety is a welcome move,’’ says Andy Mulcaster, managing director of sgfleet Australia. ‘‘It’s now up to fleet operators to be aware of what’s at stake.’’

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