sgfleet launches eStart

16 May 2019
sgfleet's eStart Zero Emission Vehicle Transition Plan helps you plan and budget for transitioning to a zero emission vehicle (ZEV) fleet.

Amidst increased concern about the future of our planet and the urgent need for clean energy, our state governments are making public commitments to invest in Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) as well as zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) for their own fleets.

sgfleet has worked with industry bodies, suppliers and manufacturers to understand what is required to help our customers prepare for the addition of ZEVs or hybrids to their current fleets in order to reduce operating costs, lower CO2 emissions and meet other environmental goals.

In exploring options for our own fleet across our offices nationwide, we have come to understand the complex and often unique requirements of each individual charging and parking site.

sgfleet’s eStart ZEV Transition Plan offers an end-to-end planning solution that includes assessment of a company’s goals, vehicle-by-vehicle review, site inspections, infrastructure upgrades and installation of charging points to help effectively plan and manage budget expectations. Through our deep knowledge of your fleet, we will be able to manage the whole-of-life vehicle cost and recommend the right vehicle mix to support your goals.

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