Fleetcoach. May 2020 special offer

03 May 2020

With many people working from home during this time of social distancing, this is a good opportunity to look into online driver training for your staff.

It’s not just about training your drivers. It’s about safety. Having an easy driver training solution that helps your company by teaching the right driving skills, in a way that sticks, and reduces your driving incidents, will be beneficial for years to come.

Based on internationally published research, and designed around the way adults learn, Fleetcoach has helped lower driving incidents for companies in Australia and New Zealand.*

During May 2020, in collaboration with Fleetcoach, we can help you train safer company and fleet drivers with the following special offer:

  • Free Fleetcoach Premium training for one month (30 days). 
  • The offer provides access to the full Fleetcoach Premium training programme and is only limited by time (30 days).
  • The offer runs until the end of May 2020. Customers must take up the offer and start the training before the end of May.
  • 30 days is the time during which you have access to the training (e.g. a user invited on 20 May will have 30 days to complete the training from that date). Start date will be identified during the setup discussions.
  • Numbers of drivers trained under the free training offer is limited to the size of the fleet you have with SG Fleet.
  • Offer available to AU and NZ SG Fleet customers.
*All product information and related benefits mentioned here and in the brochure have been provided by Fleetcoach.

For further details, watch the Fleetcoach demo video below and download the comprehensive Fleetcoach brochure here.



To sign up, please contact your sgfleet Relationship Manager, call 1300 138 235 or email us via the Fleet enquiry button at the bottom of the page.