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22 Jul 2021
We are all doing our own bit to fight COVID-19 by sticking to the restrictions that will help us stop the spread.

Being safe when we move around is an important part of that. Currently, you are allowed to share a vehicle with a person you do not live with if the use of that vehicle is required for work purposes, but not sharing vehicles will always be the safest option.

Is your organisation impacted by these unavoidable restrictions?

Talk to SG Fleet about alternative mobility solutions we can organise for you so we can all work together to fight the spread.


Have you considered:

Ensuring optimal use of your existing fleet pool

This is a time when you need every one of your fleet vehicles used as efficiently as possible. Are you finding it hard to locate and allocate your pool vehicles? Are parts of your business shut down, with vehicles sitting idle while other parts are busy and short of transport capacity? Why not make sure you put your entire internal fleet on SG Fleet’s Bookingintelligence asset management system? Bookingintelligence can also assist in tracking passengers (when allowed and if required) as well as source and destination details.

Using your grey fleet to manage the need for more single occupancy vehicles

If your internal fleet is not large enough to provide a vehicle for each individual staff member, you can consider adding employees’ personal vehicles to your fleet. SG Fleet’s Bookingintelligence system will make it easy for you to temporarily bolster your fleet’s capacity and safely manage the use of these vehicles.

Using hire cars for trips your own fleet can’t manage

Renting extra cars for brief periods can be hard to organise efficiently and creates a significant administrative and payment processing burden. Let SG Fleet organise your bookings and integrate resulting payments into your normal billing process.

Using subscription services to temporarily boost your transport capacity

If you think you will need more vehicles for more than a trip or a day at a time, why not consider taking a subscription for any period between  1 and 12 months? SG Fleet works with Carly to organise the best subscription arrangement for your particular situation.

Talk to SG Fleet today, so we can work together to keep Australia and your organisation running safely.

For more information, email newbusiness@sgfleet.com, or contact your SG Fleet Relationship Manager on 1300 138 235.