SG Fleet Wins Best Eco Initiative at The Business Car Awards 2022

04 Oct 2022

We are delighted to announce that SG Fleet won the award for Best Eco Initiative at the Business Car Awards 2022, thanks to the success of our market-leading eStart initiative.

This particularly hard-fought category was designed to honour the fleet supplier offering the service that could best help its fleet customers drive down their fleet’s emissions – helping lower a business’s overall carbon footprint.

As an end-to-end planning solution for zero-emission vehicle adoption, eStart was designed to do exactly that. And since its UK launch in 2020 , its seen enormous success in helping fleet businesses manage both their budgets and vehicle requirements.

“SG Fleet was identified by our judges, as it has created, implemented, and launched a full product – eStart,” said the Business Car’s head of automotive, Mike Rig. “eStart is an initiative aimed at assisting customers in reducing their carbon footprint by transitioning from traditional ICE/PHEV to full zero emission vehicles. It is doing this by providing tangible cost savings projected by whole life costs analysis and multiple charging solutions.”


On hand to accept the award were (from left to right above) Peter Davenport (Managing Director), Oliver Stevenson (Head of Account Management), Andy Webb (Finance Director) & Mat Stevens (Head of IT). Speaking shortly after the announcement, Pete reflected: 

“We’re incredibly proud to win this award. Business Car is a hugely influential publication in the fleet industry and to be recognised by them next to some very worthy competition really is testament to the quality of the service that we’ve put together.

“The world is moving away from internal combustion engine vehicles and we know fleets are under pressure to lower their carbon footprint like never before. We created eStart to help those businesses through every stage of that transition and we’re delighted that it’s been so well received.”

“I think the real revelation at the heart of eStart is that we built it with certain steps in mind,” added Oliver. “It factors in everything from the customer’s CO2 reduction goals, right the way through to support they’ll receive for funding, factoring in assessments of their fleet, site and potential transition plans along the way.

“The result is that our customers are never surprised by hidden costs down the line, and can de-risk their business’s switch to electric vehicles by getting an accurate idea of their vehicle and infrastructure needs, long before any changes take place.”

Peter then added:

“In a world where the costs of living and operating a business are rising sharply and the pressure to run a greener business has never been greater, eStart can be a fleet’s secret weapon to keep costs manageable and make the switch manageable and worry-free.”

Leading the way


This award follows our win at The Great British Fleet Awards 2020, where we won for Innovation in Green Travel. It’s also the second piece of major positive publicity for eStart in less than a year, after an article last November by Fleet News revealed we were leading the market on electric LCV leasing.

“Between 2020 and 2021 almost a fifth of our orders for light commercial vehicles were either fully electric or hybrid models,” says Oliver. “At the time, that was around five-and-a-half times the industry average. If anything, those numbers have only improved since. So if you’re involved in running a fleet, we can confidently say we’re in the best position industry-wide to help you make the change to electric vehicles and an electric charging infrastructure. The Business Car Award is just the latest evidence of that.”

Go green with SG Fleet

If you’re looking to lower your fleet’s emissions in time for the 2025 or 2030 EU fleet emissions deadlines, our expert team can help.

Take a look at our eStart page or digital eStart brochure to find out more, then get in touch with us on 0344 854 5100 or by emailing


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