Your future is electric with SG Fleet 

The auto industry is hurtling towards an electric, zero emission future. Start your future today with SG Fleet to make sure your transition to electric is a successful one.

SG Fleet is the perfect partner to help you and your business embrace the exciting, zero-emission possibilities.

We have already started our electric future, and our expertise will help you plan, prepare, and manage your transition.

Our eStart consultancy service offers a structured, collaborative process that will provide valuable upskilling to key people in your organisation and create the right transition plan for your business. 

Our eManage services will help you find the right way to keep your electric vehicles charged wherever you use them.

We are evolving and adapting all our proven vehicle management and reporting services to meet the needs of the growing number of electric vehicles.

As a member of the Australian Electric Vehicle Council (EVC), SG Fleet is determined to lead businesses towards a sustainable mobility future for all. 

Talk to us today to learn how we can help you embrace your electric future.



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