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Introducing the Next-Gen Ford Ranger.  

It’s one of the most highly-anticipated launches in years, with Ford further emboldening its best-selling beast. For the wrap-up on the feature-packed Ranger range, check out our Spotlight feature below.

Incoming: the striking, sportier new coupe-style medium SUV that is the Haval H6GT.

Standard features with the Lux FWD option include 19” alloy wheels, twin 10.25-inch screens, 2-zone climate control, 360-degree rear vision camera, power tailgate and roof rails.

The Ultra AWD steps up the creature comforts with a larger 12.3-inch media screen, heads-up display, wireless charging, powered and heated eco-leather front seats, panoramic sunroof, and fully-automated parking.


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Here, we showcase a selection of popular cars to help with your vehicle research.

Please note that due to Covid-19, the auto industry is constrained by global supply issues. Depending on your chosen car, it’s likely to be a factory order and may not be available for some time.

We’re expecting these conditions to continue for the foreseeable future; that’s why we’re suggesting getting your order in sooner rather than later. There’s no deposit to pay to reserve your place in the queue.

To demonstrate how cost-effective a new car could be by accessing thousands in tax savings with an SG Fleet novated lease, we’ve included an indicative cost per week. Vehicle pricing is based on dealer quotes achieved by SG Fleet in the last 75 days and actual pricing may change at the time a lease quotation is provided.^


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These popular picks punch above their weight in terms of value



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Top options from the segment that’s now outpacing all the rest.  



Shift from work to play with these road rulers. 
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Whoever said it wasn’t easy being green? One of these choices might spark your interest. 



Spotlight on: Ford Next-Gen Ranger Pickup

It’s billed as “bigger, tougher, smarter.”

With the Ranger ute already our most popular vehicle of 2022 before the new release, it’s hard to believe things are only getting better. Updates include broader dimensions and boosted cargo capacity, a more imposing exterior, and digital instrument upgrades.

There’s much to unpack, so check out our quick guide to finding the Ranger that’s right for you.

With a vehicle this highly-anticipated, don’t let the dust settle. Enquire today to discover how a novated lease could let you driveaway in a cost-effective way.

We can also package accessories for your Ranger as part of your lease, so you could save on income tax and GST.





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^Indicative cost per week is based on the following assumptions: 1) product is an SG Fleet Novated Lease; 2) someone living in NSW, earning a salary of $90,000 p/a and travelling 15,000 kms p/a under a 5 year novated lease term; 3) The weekly cost includes finance and estimated costs for fuel, registration, insurance, servicing and repairs, tyres and roadside assist based on previous assumptions, which finance and estimated costs may have changed at the time a lease quotation is provided; 4) includes potential GST and PAYG savings over the term of the lease. At the end of the lease a Residual Value obligation will apply and GST will be payable on the Residual Value amount if you make an offer to purchase. The indicative cost is based on dealer quotes achieved by SG Fleet in the last 75 days and actual pricing may change at the time a lease quotation is provided. The cost does not include any optional extras unless stated. Any additional optional extras would impact the cost of the vehicle to you. Your individual circumstances have not been taken into account and will impact the overall cost amount and the benefits of a novated lease. Given all vehicle pricing provided is indicative only, for the purposes of assisting you with your vehicle selection process, all orders and delivery times will be subject to stock availability. Vehicle images are for illustration purposes only.

Independent advice – prior to entering a novated lease arrangement, you should seek independent qualified financial advice as the complexities of a novated lease could have a significant impact on your financial situation.

This article provides general information about the vehicles only. You should make your own independent assessment of the vehicle and other sources of information (including the websites of the vehicle distributor/manufacturer). SG Fleet is not the supplier or manufacturer of any of the vehicles and cannot be responsible for the vehicles or the information about the vehicles contained in this article.