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What is Inspect365?

Inspect365 is SG Fleet's complete safety solution, developed to help you manage essential safety inspections on business vehicles, and monitor your compliance responsibilities.

Flexible enough to manage all your vehicles, Inspect365’s ‘closed loop’ system also provides a record of actions taken as a result of inspections, which is a critical part of demonstrating compliance.

It works in three ways: Inspect. Report. Resolve.




Easy vehicle inspections without the administrative burden of paper forms.

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Easy reporting of any safety issues found during the inspection process.

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Rectification signed off by the repairer, so you ‘close the loop’ on any issues.


Is your organisation compliant?

SG Fleet will work with you to evaluate your business processes and systems and implement new ways to manage safety inspections and maintenance cycles. Our comprehensive reporting systems will help you ‘close the loop’ on safety issues.


Protect your organisation

Inspect365 standardises inspections across your operational vehicles and empowers your workers to be your eyes in the field. It provides visibility and helps you raise safety and quality standards.


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Complete safety solution

Safety solution

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