May 2020 COVID-19 update: Message from our CEO

18 May 2020
An update for our customers and business partners

Since SG Fleet’s last message to you, we have maintained our focus on supporting our people, our customers, our business partners and the wider community.

We remain hopeful that the measures we have put in place to protect the wellbeing of our staff, while working from home or in the office, will remain effective. At the same time, we have instituted a strong set of communication protocols, as well as a number of other initiatives, to ensure that everyone’s mental health is supported.

‘Being present and available’ is one of SG Fleet’s guiding principles with respect to our relationships with customers and business partners. It is our duty to maintain the quality of the service we provide, and the professionalism of our interactions with stakeholders, whatever the circumstances. Customers and business partners can rest assured we are there for you, just an email, call or video-link away, as we have always been.

Our belief in the power of partnerships is also driving our efforts to share our expertise and help organisations overcome the inevitable challenges created by the measures so necessary to handle the COVID-19 pandemic. Many face financial and cashflow constraints and just as we rely on the specific skills sets of other organisations, we, SG Fleet, can offer solutions to you that make a significant, helpful difference. Now more than ever, we each have to play to our strengths.

Our desire to be there for our stakeholders and maintain our service quality during this period has been one of the reasons why we have decided collectively to keep our team together as best as possible. Across the organisation, our people have voluntarily reduced their remuneration to protect jobs and keep our company healthy, operational and ready to put its full weight behind the recovery of the communities in which we operate.

In Australia, as well as New Zealand and the United Kingdom, we are now preparing for a more hopeful future. With the health and wellbeing of everyone in mind, we are planning for a return to the office for those currently working from home whilst ensuring the workplace is organised and equipped to maintain a heightened health awareness.

SG Fleet’s leadership team continues to monitor and discuss developments on a daily basis. Customers and business partners will be kept up-to-date as we further adjust processes to ensure we maintain the quality of our services to you, as well as optimise our offering to cater for the new and unique requirements the post-pandemic recovery is likely to create.

Our culture has always been to believe in progress and innovation, in meeting new challenges head-on and in being there when help is most needed. Our promise to you is that, just as we have been there for you over the past months, we will continue to stand by your side, supporting your needs and providing market-leading, innovative solutions.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your SG Fleet contacts if you have concerns or questions. From all of us at SG Fleet, please continue to stay safe and healthy.

If you would like to find out more about how we can support businesses during the pandemic, please watch our ‘We are here to help’ video here or below.

Best wishes

Robbie Blau


SG Fleet Group Limited