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Fair Wear and Tear Guide

All vehicles being returned to SG Fleet must be returned in accordance with the AFIA Fair Wear and Tear Guide. If in the opinion of SG Fleet, a vehicle is subject to damage beyond Fair Wear and Tear:

  • At vehicle collection, a condition report is prepared, which is signed by the driver and an SG Fleet agent.
  • An advice is forwarded to the driver’s internal fleet manager (including photographs) giving the estimated cost of the repair.
  • Should the driver disagree, they can have the vehicle independently assessed, the damage estimated, or the vehicle repaired.

This process protects SG Fleet’s customers by ensuring that only legitimate claims are escalated and costs are not incurred without the consent of the driver and fleet manager. 

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NZTA Driver License Consent Form

Each person who gives consent to their company/organisation to access their information in Driver Check must complete this form.

Please carefully read the information about giving your consent before you sign this form

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Ando Fleet Vehicle Insurance Policy

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Expense claim form

Send us the details of your expense claim. You will need a photo or scanned receipt ready to upload.

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