Novated leasing

A novated lease with SG Fleet is a great way for many Australian employees to get a new car. It's cheaper, you pay less tax, and it's an easy way to save lots of time and effort.

Our buying power means easy discounts and savings on vehicle purchase price and running costs. Paying with pre-tax salary deductions is a more tax effective use of your money. A novated lease means you save GST on vehicle purchase and running costs. And with an expert fleet management company taking care of your car maintenance and administration, you just have to enjoy the driving.

You might even sell the car at the end of the lease and make a profit before you jump in your new novated lease car.

How novated leasing works

A novated lease is an agreement between you, your employer, and SG Fleet.

You choose the car you want and all the estimated costs to keep that car running are bundled into an agreed, fixed payment that's deducted from your salary.

The obligation for the payment is transferred (or 'novated') to your employer who makes deductions via payroll, and pays us directly.

We will monitor your driving habits and car expenses to ensure your novated lease budget stays on track.  

Novated lease enquiry

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Smug saver

You’re a savvy shopper who delights in a deal. Knowing you could be paying 10% less for fuel and other car running costs than the person next to you would really count for something.

How we help: With a novated lease, you save the GST on your car’s running costs and pay less tax by salary packaging.

Watch our short ‘smug savings’ video to find out more.


Benefits of novated leasing

Less income tax

Less income tax 

When you package your car with us, payments are made from your salary before tax is taken out; reducing your taxable income and the amount of tax you pay. You are being tax-effective and getting more out of your salary. 

If you do it yourself, you earn a salary, pay income tax, and then use what’s left to pay the car finance and operating costs. So even if you could get the same car at the same cost, it would leave you with less in your take home pay compared to packaging an SG Fleet novated lease.



GST savings 

With a novated lease, you pay no GST on the vehicle purchase price, fuel, and vehicle maintenance and repair costs. 

GST savings



We manage over 200,000 cars throughout Australia. We are always working with our extensive national supplier network to negotiate volume discounts, and our customers enjoy the benefits.

Tell us what sort of car you want and let us find a great price for you. While you're on the road, we'll make sure we get competitive deals for you on all servicing, repairs, tyres, glass, batteries, and labour - delivered at our agreed pricing.  


FBT and ECM 

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) applies to novated lease vehicles and is applied at the same rate regardless of kilometres travelled.  

At SG Fleet, we use the Employee Contribution Method (ECM) on novated leases. This is where a portion of the vehicle lease cost is deducted as an ‘employee contribution’ from your post-tax salary effectively eliminating the FBT and improving the tax-effectiveness of your novated leasing arrangement.  

By reducing or eliminating the FBT, ECM lowers the overall packaging cost and increases the employee’s disposable income. 


Ease and convenience

Ease and convenience  

We work to make the process of getting a novated lease easy and convenient. We do all the negotiating of prices for you and oversee all maintenance and repairs on your car. 

Everything is covered in your salary deductions allowing you to enjoy the perks of a professionally managed car.  

Never open your wallet for driving costs as we have this covered. There will be no bill shock at registration or insurance renewal time, and you’ll receive regular reporting that lets you keep track of everything. 


Transparent pricing 

We have a team of professionals who can assist you with quotes, help assess your options, and provide answers to your questions to help you find a deal that's right for you. We will show you all the cost elements included in your lease, and help you understand everything about your packaging arrangement.

Our website has options to allow you to search and compare estimated costs across different types of vehicles and lease terms, helping you discover the right options for you in your own time.  

SG Fleet strongly recommends you seek independent financial advice before you make your final decision. 

Transparent pricing

Vehicle maintenance

Vehicle maintenance 

With SG Fleet, we will help manage all your car’s scheduled servicing, maintenance and repairs. Our team of repair specialists acts on your behalf to monitor all work on your car, making sure we avoid over-servicing and over-charging. Just drop it off at an agreed supplier location, and we'll take car of the rest for you. 


Fuel cards 

Simple savings with your SG Fleet fuel card when you fill up and enjoy cashless driving. All your fuel is covered in your payments - just fill, swipe, and go. 

Fuel cards


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How to get a novated lease

Choose your car, place an order, then hit the road. It really is that easy and SG Fleet will help with every step. From understanding the application, to getting your car, to support on the road.

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Fair price

Steps to get a novated lease

SG Fleet makes it easy for you to get a novated lease and support you through every step of the process and your car journey. Let us help you find new ways to move.

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Lease used cars

Leasing a new car isn’t always that practical for all drivers and a used car may be a more affordable way to enjoy the benefits of leasing. SG Fleet is one of the few lease providers who allow you to novate a second-hand vehicle.

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