Vehicle safety kits

SG Fleet is committed to ensuring its customers can choose from a wide range of vehicle safety kits that suits their needs. 

St John Ambulance vehicle safety kit

SG Fleet has partnered with St John Ambulance Australia (NSW) to provide the St John Vehicle Safety Kit.

This kit provides equipment for administering first aid for injuries such as cuts, scratches, punctures, grazes and splinters, muscular strains and sprains, minor burns, bleeding wounds, broken bones, eye injuries and shock.

St John Ambulance is one of Australia's leading and most recognisable charities, providing ambulance and first-aid services across our communities. By purchasing from St John Ambulance, you're supporting this charity and helping it to help more people.

Integrity Health & Safety vehicle breakdown kit

Integrity Health & Safety works with communities to increase Indigenous healthcare capability.

The Integrity Health & Safety vehicle breakdown kit has been sourced from global manufacturers and made for delivery vans, company and light utility vehicles. The kit comes with a triangle, a torch and a vest for emergency breakdowns.

SG Fleet is committed to providing its customers with leading products and services and also assisting to ‘Close the Gap’ by embedding Indigenous procurement in its supply chain.

Integrity Health & Safety is a certified Indigenous organisation with Supply Nation, which means it is 51% or more owned, controlled, and managed by Indigenous Australians. By purchasing from Integrity Health & Safety, you support Indigenous people and communities while providing employment and economic opportunities for them.

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