16 October 2012

sgfleet is committed to providing a complete portfolio of accessories for any vehicle that can be packaged as part of a Novated Lease. This is for not only standard vehicles but for 4WD's as well.  

sgfleet is proud to now offer ARB products that can be included in a Novated Lease. ARB's reputation for protection equipment was forged over 30 years ago when the company started manufacturing bull bars for the Series 1 Land Rover.

Today, ARB’s range includes several thousand part numbers, enabling them to offer protection for the vast majority of 4x4s from around the globe. All equipment is designed to be ultra functional, incorporating numerous features to improve the versatility of any vehicle, while maintaining maximum protection. 

For more information on ARB's protection options that can be included in a Novated Lease, contact sgfleet for detailed information on the types of products available.